Buying Pre Construction Condos - The Best Way To Buy A New Condo


There are numerous benefits to buying a pre-Construction condo. However, this article will discuss a few topics to think about when purchasing a new condominium. This information is provided as a consumer guide only and is not intended to be used as legal advice. If you are considering buying a condo or other residential real estate in Toronto, I recommend contacting a licensed real estate agent for more information and/or assistance. Click here to discover more details related to this subject.

The first topic to think about when buying pre-construction condo is how much does the developer cost you? Developers are typically divided into two categories: Limited partnerships (LPOs) and Active developers. LPOs are organizations that work with a smaller, independent team of executives, instead of hiring and managing construction staff. LPOs typically have much lower management costs and developers sometimes "buy out" the developer's share of condo fees to remain completely on the hook for all condo fees.

In contrast, an Active developer is primarily a private individual or business. Active developers are typically involved in construction, financing, marketing, sales, and most of the other elements involved in developing new condos. When buying pre-construction condos, it is best to work with an Active developer as they typically handle all aspects of the project from start to finish. Active developers will be able to provide a more detailed sales package which will include building costs, monthly condo fees, and the developer's profit.

Another topic to consider is why buying one of Toronto's new pre-sale condos is the way to go. There are many reasons why buying one of these properties is a better option than buying an existing unit. For starters, there are usually no financial surprises upon signing the purchase agreement. With an existing unit, there may be some unexpected maintenance issues or problems that are not expected when buying one of Toronto's new developments. Plus, there are often no tenants to deal with once the home is sold and the new owner is in possession.

On the flipside, buying an existing BlokHaus condominium can be more financially sound. For one, new condominiums require financing with interest rates often being on the higher end of their spectrum. In addition, the amount of time and money spent on the construction of a new development may not be worth it for many people. In short, the builder will have little to no incentive to keep the property under contract once the project is complete and paid off.

When deciding on which of these two is the best way to buy a condo, it is important to find a developer that has built in the area where you would like to live. In addition to ensuring that the development is right in your future area, you may want to look for testimonials from past buyers of units in the same developer's development. This will give you a better indication of how likely future buyers are to be satisfied with the quality of the developer's work. Condo buyers should also ask a variety of questions to ensure the transaction is a good fit. Developers who are eager to sell their units are unlikely to offer a weak sales pitch in hopes of getting a buyer-buyer deal. In addition, most developers will be more than happy to have a customer service representative or attorney guide the process so that buyers have the confidence in their buying decisions.

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